My name is Rachel. I'm a 21 year old small white girl. I live on a weed farm in Colorado.
lovely-bad :
I followed you because I also live in colorado and would absolutely love to live and own a weed farm.. Teach me your waysss lol. btw dandy blog

We are actually just trimmers that have a rv and gpt to park on the farmer’s land!

4master2chief0 :
Didn't know you followed me! Love your blog

Thanks! I really like yours as well.

ganja-elf :
I have an opportunity to grow here or close by illegally, given to me by a connection with funding, but I'd want it to be legitimized If that make sense... what's your opinion on this?

I would go to the legal side of it.

ganja-elf :
How did you get into the growing business? I've been dealing with weed for 7 years and it seems to be the one thing to truly catch my interest so I've decided I want to revolve my life around it, which is difficult in NC where it's still illegal.

Im just a trimmer that happens to live on a farm. Im not a farmer!

upabovetheclouds6126 :
You live the life I want. Just saying lol I would die to live on a weed farm in Colorado that's fuckin RAD

We found the job on Craigslist! Its to easy.

Anonymous :
Do you honestly think it's smart to post pictures like that? You realize cops browse the Internet right? You trying to be cool for strangers could cost you time in prison and a ton of money. How fucking stupid are you people?

Well since im in Colorado and everything is we are doing is legal here… I feel fine about it. :3

ratjam103 :
Did u move, are you moving to sc?

No I ended up in Colorado.

effervescentvibes :
did you grow that weed "Xmas tree" yourself? 👏

I didn’t sadly. Its just a little part of the first grow I was apart of.

October 19, 2014snatchdatkat

October 19, 2014

Trim party farm two
October 18, 2014

Trim party farm two
October 18, 2014